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Delve Deep into Liangzhu Culture and Make Culture a Golden Name Card for Zhejiang, Says Yuan Jiajun
2018-07-13 10:57:29

These days Governor Yuan Jiajun is conducting an investigation in Yuhang District, Hangzhou City, on the issue of adding the Ruins of Liangzhu Ancient City to the list of world heritage. He stressed that the protection of the ruins and its application to be added to the world heritage list is an important landmark event in the history of Chinese civilization which concerns cultural inheritance and the construction of cultural Zhejiang. We must further carry out the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping, completely implement the decisions of the Provincial Party Congress and the Two Sessions, and have a full understanding of the important position of Liangzhu Culture in the history of both Chinese and civilization and the world civilization. With firm cultural confidence and cultural self-awareness, we must handle properly the relationship between cultural heritage protection and development, delve deep into Liangzhu Culture, and go all out to apply to add the site to the list of world heritage, so as to quicken the step of making culture a golden name card of Zhejiang.


The Ruins of Liangzhu Culture is a site that has witnessed the 5,000 years of Chinese civilization, and its core ruins of Liangzhu Ancient City has been honored as Number One City in China by archeologists. So far, it has been added to the Top 10 Chinese Archeological Discoveries for 6 times and the Top 10 World Archeological Discoveries for once. At the beginning of this year, China National Commission for UNESCO formally recommended the Ruins of Liangzhu Ancient City to apply for the world heritage status in 2019.

Yuan Jiajun made a field investigation of the Mojiaoshan Ruins of the Palace Area of Liangzhu Ancient City, the Fanshan Ruins of the Ancient City, the Exhibition Park of Zhejiang Archaeological Heritage, and Liangzhu Museum, and had a detailed inquiry of the history of Liangzhu Ancient City, its recent archaeological progress, and its preparation for application. He pointed out that, at the present, the site had reached a defining moment in application for the world heritage status. Governments of all levels must make joint efforts to carry out the application like a project, set up working standards, specify the deadlines, and make evaluation in every aspect, so as to promote the work in an orderly fashion. We must quantify and specify the application tasks, while emphasizing responsibility, progress and efficiency.

We must further delve into the historic and cultural value of the ancient ruins of Liangzhu, and have a better exhibition of ancient China and modern China, stressed Yuan Jiajun. We must keep improving the planning scheme, do a good job in constructing the National Park of Liangzhu Culture and the Exhibition Park of Archeological Heritage, and pay special attention to protection, inheritance and utilization. Taking advantage of this great opportunity, we must try to make the ruins more readable and more valuable for appreciation, so as to forge a landmark tourist destination and share the fruit of preservation with the common people.

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