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Methods Issued for Assessment of “No Illegal Construction Counties” in 2018
2018-07-11 10:02:27

According to the leading group of the Provincial “Transformation and Demolition” Campaign, the province has issued the assessment methods for “no illegal construction counties (districts and areas)” (NICC) in 2018. Different from the previous years, this year 4 new indicators will be included for assessment: control of illegal constructions, typical cases of illegal construction, comprehensive management system for illegal construction control, and social stability, which are one-vote veto for the assessment. In addition, a comprehensive scoring system will be used for 8 assessment indicators, including disposal of illegal constructions, disposal of illegal “extra houses”, transformation of old residential areas, old factory areas, and urban villages, long-term mechanism for illegal construction control, utilization of land after demolition, policy system, planning system and rural construction system.


According to an official from the Provincial “Transformation and Demolition” Office, an application system will be used for titles of Would-Be NICC, To-Be-Improved NICC and NICC. An NICC must come from the list of To-Be-Improved NICCs, and a To-Be-Improved NICC must come from the list of Would-Be NICCs. A system of qualitative assessment plus a comprehensive assessment will be adopted for acceptance evaluation.


According to the official, in spot assessment, a 30-person assessment group will be formed consisting of inspection teams, Party representatives, NPC and CPPCC members, news media, and representatives of common people. By investigating both openly and secretly, they will not only check the standing books, but also randomly choose 30% of the towns and subdistricts for investigation, of which 4 villages (communities) will be chosen randomly for focused investigation, and the county seat and the town seat must be included.

A comprehensive scoring system will be adopted for the final assessment. Besides spot inspection, there is also a re-check for improvement. According to the written opinions of the assessment group, all the counties must come up with improvement measures within specified time, and there will a re-check on remediation.

Promotion of NICC is an important handle in overcoming the obstacles in the transformation and upgrading of our province. Last August, 6 NICCs were set and made public for the first time. How to conduct assessment on those which have already got the title of NICC? “A dynamic management system will be adopted and there will a review every two years,” said the official. For those which perform poorly on illegal construction control, and the newly constructed illegal area for a single time or by the same person exceeds the standard area specified in NICC assessment, a yellow card warning will be given. For those with the newly constructed illegal area for two single times or above or by the same person exceeds the standard area specified in NICC assessment, their NICC title will be cancelled, and the officials concerned will be demanded for accountability and made public.

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