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Zhejiang Tourists Disappeared During the Overturning of the Thai Cruise Ship. Che Jun and Yuan Jiajun Made Important Instructions Requesting Full Coordination and Rescue.
2018-07-10 09:52:05

In the accident of the overturning of a Phuket cruise ship in Thailand, 37 victims are employees and their families of Haining Haipai Furniture Co., Ltd.. They reported a major danger in Thailand by SMS at around 8:00 on the 6th. By 20:00 on the 6th , 19 of the 37 victims were rescued and 18 were lost.


After receiving the report, secretary Che Jun of the Provincial Party Committee, governor Yuan Jiajun of the Provincial Government, and vice governor Zhu Congxiu made timely instructions, asking the Provincial Government and the Department of Foreign and Overseas Chinese Affairs of Zhejiang Provincial People’s Government to seek the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Zhejiang Foreign Embassy in Thailand as soon as possible to coordinate with the Thai side for the rescue work. Jiaxing City and Haining City should pay close attention to communication and coordination to promptly verify the information of the lost people and to conscientiously do a good job in soothing the enterprise as well as the employees and their family members.


The reporter learned that on the morning of the 6th, Haining City immediately launched an emergency plan, implemented the “emergency response work plan for the major danger of employees of Haining Haipai Furniture Co., Ltd. travelling in Thailand”, and set up a leading group for the emergency response work, which consisted of “1 Office and 2 Groups”. The two emergency response working groups were dispatched to Thailand and the furniture company respectively to carry out coordination and disposal. The working group headed by a vice mayor went to Thailand on the 6th.


At the same time, Haining Haipai Furniture Co., Ltd. has dispatched 5 management personnel to Thailand to do everything possible to participate in the rescue work. The working group in Haining is making every effort to soothe the family members of the victims, to make comprehensive coordination, and to ensure the operation of the company. At present, the family members concerned are going through the relevant formalities for going to Thailand, and the relevant departments have already opened “green channels” for these formalities. On the morning of the 7th, the working staff will accompany the family of the victims to leave for Thailand.


In addition, the reporter learned from the Provincial Tourism Bureau that after the accident, the Provincial Tourism Bureau immediately launched an emergency plan, sent a letter to the China Tourism Office in Thailand, requesting support and assistance for the rescue of Zhejiang tourists, and further work with Department of Foreign and Overseas Chinese Affairs of Zhejiang Provincial People’s Government to verify the information of the lost tourists and rescue them. Tourists. According to statistics, there are currently 51 groups of 1278 tourists organized by some travel agencies of Zhejiang in Thailand, and there are no reports of security incidents.


At the moment, it is the peak period of summer outbound tourism, during which the number of outbound tourist groups and individual travelers has been growing rapidly. Considering this, the Provincial Tourism Bureau reminds that all the localities should attach great importance to the safety of outbound tourism, take targeted countermeasures, and focus on preventing various types of emergencies from causing major safety accidents during overseas tourism. It is necessary to strengthen the security measures, the emergency preparedness, and the investigation of hidden dangers for outbound tour teams, and to establish and improve emergency plans for overseas travel emergencies. At the same time, tourists who purchase free-tour products at travel agencies should be educated about tourist safety to raise their awareness of safety precautions.

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