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Implementing the “Regulations on the Responsibility System for the Work Safety of Local Party and Government Leaders”to Put into Effect the Responsibility System for Work Safety
2018-06-04 09:57:07

On the afternoon of May 31st, just after the State Council Work Safety Committee had held the video and phone conference on implementing the “Regulations on the Responsibility System for the Work Safety of Local Party and Government Leaders”, our province made arrangements for implementing the spirit of this meeting.
The “Regulations on the Responsibility System for the Work Safety of Local Party and Government Leaders” is the first law enforced in the Party related to the field of work safety in China, clearly defining the duties, the assessment and inspection, the recognition and awards, the accountability, and other aspects of work safety of local Party and government leaders. It is of great significance to strengthen the organization and leadership of work safety and further promote work safety. The Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government attached great importance to it, with the main leaders all making important instructions and with the specific assignment of responsibility to the leaders of the Provincial Government timely adjusted according to the “Regulations”. In the next step, the drafting of the specific regulations will be accelerated in this province, do a good job in every task in accordance with the requirements of the “Regulations”, and make great efforts to implement study and propaganda, so that every Party and government leader at above the county level knows clearly what responsibility he/she should bear. Responsibility, so as to truly implement the requirements of the "Regulations".
It was pointed out at the meeting that the current situation of work safety in this province is generally stable, but the total number of accidents still fails to make us optimistic. In particular, accidents concerning fire safety and road safety are relatively prominent, and there are many small and micro-sized enterprises producing hazardous chemicals where there are many hidden risks, so that problem-orientation and the highlight of the key issues must always be insisted on and the weak links in the field of work safety must be firmly grasped so as to focus the attention on the main and critical problems.
At present, the institutional reforms in our province are proceeding in an orderly manner. During this period, we must ensure that the work safety across the province is carried out in a smooth and orderly manner, so as to earnestly make ideas orderly, work continued, teams united, and motivation relentless. The relevant departments of work safety should effectively implement the work safety from the perspective of the political awareness and the overall planning. The meeting also emphasized the work safety during the flood season and the period of high temperature.


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