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Yuan Jiajun Emphasized that the Reform of “Maximum One Visit Service” Must Be Deepened to Accelerate the Construction of Digital Government.
2018-06-04 09:56:10

The Provincial Government held the first special conference on Deepening the Reform of ‘Maximum One Visit Service to Promote the Digital Transformation of the Government on the 31st. Governor Yuan Jiajun emphasized that we must conscientiously implement the strategic thinking of General Secretary Xi Jinping about digital China and empowering the country with the Internet, take digital government as the major landmark and pioneering project of empowering the province with data and digital Zhejiang, accelerate of the reform of Maximum One Visit Service to highlight the spotlight of it, so as to promote the modernization of the governance systems and the governance capabilities of the government.
Feng Fei presided over this meeting, at which the Provincial Government Office, the Provincial Data Management Center, and the Provincial Commission Office for Public Sector Reform, and the Provincial Development and Reform Commission made work reports.
Yuan Jiajun pointed out that the reform of
Maximum One Visit Service in this province has been fully approved by General Secretary Xi Jinping and the Party Central Committee and the State Council, and has been well received by all walks of life. The construction of digital government is an important measure to profoundly implement General Secretary Xi Jinpings deployment of the construction of digital Zhejiang during his work in Zhejiang in 2003, a further step towards the breaking of isolated information islands, and an extension and promotion of the reform of Maximum One Visit Service, with the value orientation, pioneering spirit, and synergy effect of the reform of Maximum One Visit Service running through it to help create new advantages in the institutional mechanisms of making markets effective, making governments capable of outstanding achievements, making enterprises profitable, and making people beneficiaries.
Yuan Jiajun pointed out that building digital government is a comprehensive, systematic and collaborative reform that follows the four-in-one framework of
the innovation of the government conceptions plus the innovation of the government processes plus the innovation of governance plus the innovation of the application of information technology". The fundamental purpose of building digital government is to provide personalized services to the public through data integration, opening, and sharing; the basic means is the modern information technologies such as the Internet, the big data, the cloud computing, and the artificial intelligence; the key measure is to realize an efficient collaboration which is cross-sector, cross-system, cross-regional, and cross-level through process re-engineering; the path to practice is to build a digital, networked, intelligent integrated application system for human-computer collaboration.
Yuan Jiajun stressed that it is necessary to closely focus on the goal of establishing a province of
handheld service and a province of handheld office to accelerate the establishment of the three models of data sharing, process re-engineering, and data system framework, that it is necessary to highlight the key task of the construction of digital government and to ensure the fulfillment of this task as soon as possible by drawing on the perseverance of constant dripping wearing through a stone, and that it is necessary to adhere to the conception of gradual and continuous improvement and long-term efforts to strengthen the construction of a coordinated promotion mechanism, so as to form an index system, a work system, a policy system, and an evaluation system for the construction of digital government.

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