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Zhejiang Province Launched the Second Round of the Rectification of Provincial Supervision by the Central Environmental Protection Inspectorate.
2018-06-28 09:49:54

From June 25th, Zhejiang Province officially launched the second round of the rectification of provincial supervision by the central environmental protection inspectorate, and 11 working groups will complete supervision and inspection before June 30th.


Environmental protection supervision is a major institutional arrangement of the Party Central Committee and the State Council on promoting ecological civilization construction and environmental protection. Our province attaches great importance to environmental protection supervision. This provincial environmental protection supervision is a specific work arrangement for the promotion of ecological civilization construction and environmental protection by the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government.


It is reported that this round of provincial supervision mainly revolves around five aspects: supervising the rectification of issues listed in the inspectors' feedback, supervising the rectification of the problems closely related to the feedback, supervising the handling of letters and visits, supervising the implementation of the systems, and supervising other issues that the rectification and supervision team believes necessary to be supervised. Among them, the rectification of the problems closely related to the feedback mainly includes: drinking water sources, garbage disposal (waste incineration, landfill leachate), reclamation projects, mariculture, and hazardous waste disposal, etc. It is worth noting that the issues of 26 prefecture-level drinking water sources, 93 county-level drinking water sources, and the operation exceeding the stipulated standard in 22 incineration companies will become the focus of this supervision.


For the petitions delivered to our province by the Central Environmental Protection Inspectorate, this round of supervision has its own emphasis: For the petitions that have been rectified, the focus is on whether the measures for disposal and rectification fed back to the Central Environmental Protection Inspectorate have been strictly implemented and on whether there are still such practices as irresponsibility,regulatory negligence, poor rectification, and incomplete rectification; for the 218 pieces of petitions that have not been rectified,the focus is on whether the rectification plans have been made, whether these plans made have been implemented as scheduled, and whether there are overdue rectifications.


According to the arrangements, the supervision team will hear a report from a prefecture-level government and a county (city, district) that has lagged behind in the rectification respectively, and will conduct on-site inspections of the progress of the rectification and on-site random checks on the handling of the petitions and the implementation of the rectification measures. The prefecture-level government and the county (city, district) government shall report on the existing problems including tasks of rectification, check before acceptance, unfinished letters and visits, sources of drinking water, waste disposal (waste incineration, landfill leachate), and reclamation projects, mariculture, hazardous waste disposal, etc.

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