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Promoting the “Garbage Revolution” in an All-round Way
2018-06-22 10:42:41

The reporter learned from the meeting on the classified treatment of household waste produced across Zhejiang Province, in Pujiang, Jinhua, from June 19th to 20th, that a “garbage revolution” would be pushed forward in an all-round and in-depth way across the province, in order to achieve the overall goal of the basic coverage of the classified collection and disposal of garbage across the province and of the “zero growth” of the total amount of urban household waste by 2020 proposed on the 14th Provincial Party Congress.

In 2018, 27 additional waste disposal facilities will be added in Zhejiang, with an additional disposal capacity of more than 10 thousand tons per day. At present, 123 terminal disposal facilities for urban household waste have been put into operation in our province, with an actual daily handling capacity of about 68 thousand tons and a harmless treatment rate of over 99%. Classified treatment of household waste has been promoted across all the cities and especially in rural areas. This year, Jinhua also issued regulations on the classified treatment of rural household waste, and 99% of the villages in Jinhua have been provided with facilities for the classified disposal of rubbish.

It is learned that our province will continue to make efforts on the “reduction” of waste, by focusing on the special treatment of over-packaging, and the reduction of the excessive use of packaging materials and the production of waste, by upgrading the “plastic-limiting order” to carry out special treatment of garbage classification for supermarkets, shopping malls, farmers' markets, wholesale markets and so on, so as to restrict the use of plastic products strictly, and by exploring ways of recycling packaging materials for express delivery to actively encourage express enterprises to use environmentally-friendly packaging.

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