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Catalogue of Exceptions Released for the “Maximum One Visit Service Procedure” in Zhejiang Province
2018-06-21 10:17:38

According to sources from the Office of “Maximum One Visit Service Procedure” Reform, recently the Catalogue of Exceptions for “Maximum One Visit Service Procedure” Reform has been released, which stipulates that except for the 6 main items and 9 subitems from the departments of public security, human resources and social security, and civil administration, all other items must be included in the service reform.
The 6 main items include education for drivers of full-score deduction for traffic violations and application for motor vehicle driving license from the Provincial Department of Public Security, the work-related injury certification from the Provincial Department Human Resources and Social Security, and the registration of children adoption for mainland citizens, for Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan residents, and for foreigners from the Department of Civil Administration. And under the item of application for motor vehicle driving license there are 4 subitems. 
According to authorities responsible for compiling the catalog, the list has come into being after iterative discussion and argument according to the present laws, regulations and service procedures, and those on the list indeed require two visits or more. Take the adoption procedures in civil administration as an example. The adopters must first come to the department for evaluation of the qualification for adoption, and then decides the adoptees. There would be many exchanges and communications before adoption. Only after all this is done can they come for registration. This is not only to follow the law regulations, but also to protect the rights and interests of the counterpart.
With the development of digital government, the items on the list may be reduced. For the next step, the reform office will conduct an assessment on the implementation of the “maximum one visit service procedure” reform according to the 100%-coverage target by the end of August.

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