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Yuan Jiajun Meets Sichuan Delegation Headed by Deng Xiaogang
2018-06-21 10:15:35

On 14th June, a Sichuan delegation arrived in our province to conduct investigation. On the afternoon of 14th, Yuan Jiajun, the Provincial Governor, received the delegation headed by Deng Xiaogang, vice secretary of Sichuan Provincial Party Committee. Those who attended the meeting included Feng Fei, member of the Standing Committee of CPC Zhejiang Provincial Committee and Executive Vice Governor, and Rao Sidan, Vice Governor of Sichuan Province.
Yuan Jiajun first extended the warm greetings from Che Jun, the Provincial Party Secretary. He pointed out that the partner assistance to the 11 cities and prefectures and 40 counties in poverty relief is an important political task assigned to Zhejiang by the Party Central Committee. Zhejiang will fully implement the new instructions of the General Party Secretary Xi Jinping on poverty relief and the decisions of the Party Central Committee and the State Council. The Provincial Government will take up its responsibilities in poverty relief consciously according to the demands of the Party Central Committee, and create a new situation in promoting poverty-relief cooperation between the eastern and western areas. Focusing on targeted poverty alleviation around the annual work planning, the government will improve its collaboration mechanism in poverty alleviation, strengthen multi-level coordination between the cities and counties of the two provinces, highlight industrial support, talent support, enterprise cooperation and social help, and make a better use of the market mechanism and the role of Zhejiang enterprises, so as to assist Sichuan in winning the hard battle of targeted poverty alleviation. Taking the opportunity of this cooperation, the two provinces will further complement each other’s advantages and promote an all-round communication and cooperation, so as to achieve mutual benefit.
On behalf of Sichuan Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government, Deng Xiaogang first expressed his heartfelt gratitude for the great assistance of Zhejiang Province to Sichuan. He pointed out that the related cities, prefectures and departments of Sichuan should earnestly carry out the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping, fully implement the agreement in poverty-relief cooperation between the two provinces, so as to achieve a series of new results. As an important source of Xi Jinping thoughts of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, Zhejiang has accumulated important experience in green development, rural revitalization, digital economy and private economy, which is what we should learn from. It is hoped that both sides should deepen practical cooperation in various fields and create a new situation in Zhejiang-Sichuan cooperation.
On 14th, the Joint Conference on Eastern-Western Poverty-Relief Cooperation and Partner Assistance between Zhejiang and Sichuan was held to promote the implementation of the agreement on poverty-relief cooperation between the two provinces in 2018.

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