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People’s Hospital Offers One-Stop Out-Patient Service: One More Window Brings More Efficiency
2018-06-19 10:47:46

With the spread of Internet + Healthcare, more and more service windows are shut at the public hospitals in big cities, and are replaced by convenient self service. However, in Zhejiang Provincial People’s Hospital (ZPPH), something curious happened: after it shut 50% of its service windows last year, it has recently opened a new window in the inpatient building.   

Why? On 13th June, the journalist came to the People’s Hospital and followed Mr. Zhu, a patient from Jiangxi Province, to experience the new out-patient service. At 8:30 a.m., Mr. Zhu came to the first floor of the Inpatient Building with the check-out notice. He first walked to Window 5 for expense settlement, then to the new Window 6 to print the materials for medical insurance settlement and get stamped, and finally to Window 7-8 to get the medicine, with a professional pharmacist explaining the use of medicine. The whole process took less than half an hour.

“Settling the expense, printing and stamping on medical records, and getting the medicine are three indispensible procedures for patients to check out. Putting them together is to simplify the discharging procedures,” said He Qiang, vice president of ZPPH.

The medical workers of the hospital have worked out this arithmetic problem: in the past, the medicine for discharged patients was sent to 43 inpatient units. Every day there were about 200 discharged patients who had to take medicine with them, and each had to wait 1 or 2 hours to get the medicine. For patients who had medical insurance in other provinces, after expense settlement on the first floor, they had to take the printed materials to the 26th floor to get stamped.

The question is, the nurses at the inpatient units had to spend lots of time and energy on dispatching medicine to the checkout patients. “For high-risk medicine like Warfarin, we must tell the patients personally how to take the medicine, to ensure safety of the medicine,” said Zhang Guobing, vice director of the pharmacy department of ZPPH.

In April 2016, the hospital opened two more windows to dispatch medicine beside the settlement window on the first floor, and assigned two clinical pharmacists there to explain usage of the medicine. This has greatly improved the checkout efficiency.

However, some patients have to print the medical records and get stamped. And in this case they have to go to the 26th floor. Can we change this? Recently, the hospital has opened another window between the medicine windows and the settlement window. The medical record department has moved its medical record stamp from the 26th floor to the first floor, and thus achieved “one-stop service” in the real sense.

“The practice of ‘maximum one visit service procedure’ in hospitals is to provide better service for the patients. The hospitals not only have to improve medical facilities, but also provide each patient with the warmest service,” said Huang Dongsheng, president of ZPPH.

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