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Yuan Jiajun: Accurately and Effectively Preventing and Resolving Major Risks to Ensure Steady and Sound Social and Economic Development
2018-06-15 17:16:35

On the 12th, Governor Yuan Jiajun emphasized in his survey in Hangzhou that it is important to fight for the prevention and resolution of major risks, which concerns the overall situation of the “Two High Levels” and the “Two 100 Years’, which is related to the high quality, competitiveness, and modernization of our province, which is related to the transformation and upgrading, and  the sustainable and sound development of the enterprises, and which is a critical hurdle to be cleared for high-quality development. All localities and departments must increase their political positions, give top priority to preventing and resolving major risks, adhere to the principle of striving for progress in a steady manner, classify the risks and make tailored efforts, and set goals and grasp rhythms, and resolutely fight for the prevention and resolution of major risks, so as to ensure a steady and sound economic and social development.

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