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Forum on Counselors Work and Appointment Ceremony of New Counselors Held in Hangzhou: Yuan Jiajun Delivers a Speech
2018-06-14 09:44:10

On 11th June, the forum on the work of the Provincial counselors and appointment ceremony for new counselors were held in Hangzhou. Governor Yuan Jiajun conferred the letter of appointment on 13 counselors and 7 staff members of the Research Institute of Culture and History. Yuan encouraged them to make new progress in the new era, and to focus on important issues in the reform and modernization of Zhejiang Province. He urged them to fulfill their duties earnestly, collect ideas from the public, and improve their counseling abilities, so as to scale new heights in the course of counseling and cultural research, and construct a high quality think tank for the Provincial Government.

Feng Fei chaired the meeting. Wang Yongchang, President of the Provincial Research Institute of Culture and History, conferred a collection certificate on the staff members who had donated their books. Counselor Xu Jincai, Counselor Hua Zhongsheng, Counselor Xia Haiwei and Staff Member Shao Honglie delivered a speech.

Yuan expressed his approval for the remarkable contribution of all the counselors and staff members of the Counselors Office (Institute of Culture and History). In recent years, the office (institute) has conducted an in-depth study and implement of Xi Jinping thoughts on socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, focused on the central work of the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government, played an active role in political consultation and cultural construction, and reached a new stage in political consultation, united front, cultural heritage, and team construction.

As Yuan pointed out, the Counselors Office (Institute of Culture and History) must aim at deepening the “double eight strategies” and reform, focus on high quality, competitiveness and modernization, find out gaps, improve weak links and raise new measures with wider field of vision around the central work of the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government. Focusing on important issues such as reform of “maximum one visit service procedure”, high-quality development, the “three hard battles”, the Greater Bay Area construction, Digital Zhejiang construction, rural and agricultural development, in-depth participation of “belt and road” construction, ecological civilization construction, improvement of culture soft power and people’s living standards, high-quality integrative development of the Yangtze River Delta, and military and civilian integrative development, the office must conduct an in-depth research from perspectives of strategy, theory and policy, and put forward more consultative reports with rich feelings, good insights and more value.

The development of the course of consultation and research of culture and history cannot be done without the hard work of counselors, said Yuan Jiajun. It is hoped that all the counselors and staff members are politically oriented, have a thorough understanding of the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the CPC, and maintain a high degree of unity with the Central Party Committee headed by Comrade Xi Jinping in ideology, politics and action, that they must tell the truth, go to the grass-roots enterprises, listen to the opinions of the public, get to know the real situation, find out the exact weak points and disadvantages, and put forward effective solutions; and that they must pay more attention to methodology and practicality, and be moderately future-oriented and relatively independent, so as to raise more effective measures for the “double high-quality” development.

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