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Zhejiang Actively Promotes Implementation of the Strictest Water Resource Management System to Set up More Models for Water Conservancy
2018-06-11 09:58:24

On 7th June, the 2017 Assessment Report Conference on Implementing the Strictest Water Resource Management System was held in Hangzhou. The assessment group, headed by E Jingping, Minister of the Ministry of Water Resources, concluded that Zhejiang Province attached great importance to water resource protection and management, actively promoted implementation of the all the measures of the strictest water resource management system, completed all the designated indicators and tasks, promoted river chief responsibility system on a full scale, and blazed new trails in water environment protection and management. As a result, it has achieved remarkable success and set up a good example for others.

In the past year, Zhejiang has exceeded the targets set by the state in 6 assessment indicators such as total volume of water consumption. Its water consumption per 10,000 yuan GDP was 35.6 cubic meters, 18.1% less than that in 2015, and its water consumption per 10,000 yuan industrial added value was 22.6 cubic meters, 24.7% less than that in 2015, completing the target for 2020 ahead of time. The water qualification rate in the functional areas of national key rivers and lakes hit 94.1%, and the chemical oxygen demand (COD) and total ammonia-nitrogen amount of discharge by major water pollutants were reduced by 9.24% and 9.98%.

As a result of the strictest water resource management system, Zhejiang has seen striking changes in its water consumption structure: the total volume of water consumption went down year by year, and was better structured too. Compared with 2012, the water consumption remained stable for the first industry, reduced 4.6 percent for the second industry, and increased 4 percent for the third industry. The assessment group spoke highly of the achievement of Zhejiang in water resource management, thinking that it took a leading role in many aspects in the country.

The achievement of Zhejiang Province comes from its consistent measures of water resource protection. At the present, we are promoting water conservancy and protection on a full scale, aiming to build a water-conserving society and water ecological civilization.

After hearing the report to the assessment group, E Jingping spoke highly of the striking achievement of Zhejiang in carrying out the strictest water resource management system and promoting the transformation and upgrading of economic structure, and hoped that, “following a pragmatic and pioneering spirit”, the province would continue to promote innovation and provide more experience and models of Zhejiang style for the national reform of water conservancy. In addition, E Jingping also inquired about the ecological compensation mechanism for the upper and lower reaches of the rivers in the province.

The assessment group also pointed out some weak points of Zhejiang Province in water conservancy and protection. After the meeting, the group went to Anji and Changxing to conduct inspection on related enterprises and villages. Prior to this, the technique team of the group had conducted detailed examination and evaluation on our implementation of the strictest water resource management system in 2017.

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