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Zhejiang Province Issued the First Electronic License for Construction Permit.
2018-05-08 13:03:43

On the morning of May 4th, at the service counter for housing and construction issues at the Administrative Service Center of Quzhou City, a construction permit with an anti-counterfeit two-dimensional bar-code gradually slipped out of the printer. This is the first electronic  license for construction projects permit issued in Zhejiang, marking that the cumbersome procedures for the construction permit business have become history in our province, and the approval of engineering construction projects has been accelerated again in this province.

“This is a small step toward the electronization of the construction permit and is a major step toward the transformation of the approval of construction engineering industry into a scientific development model.” Zhou Hongyan, director of the Quzhou Housing and Urban Construction Bureau, said that in the past, in order to apply for a construction permit, the construction units had to apply for three items of quality supervision, safety supervision, and construction permit respectively. This means they had to visit the administrative service center at least several times to submit more than 30 types of testimonial materials. After the reform, through the process re-engineering and big data applications, the original three items of quality supervision, safety supervision, and construction permit were merged into one, and more than 30 materials to be provided were turned into two testimonial materials. An average of 17.5 days needed for the construction unit to get a construction permit since it has decided on a construction company is reduced to a single day when it apply for a permit. It is reported that this model of “simultaneous application and instant issue of three licenses” is also the first initiative across the country.

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