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Governor Yuan Jiajun Investigated in Hangzhou on the 2nd.
2018-05-04 10:07:31

On the 2nd, Governor Yuan Jiajun emphasized during his investigation in Hangzhou that Xi Jinping’s socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics in the new era should be used as a guide, the “Eight Eighth Strategies” should be firmly practiced, the conception of “addressing problems by means of reforming” should be insisted on, and the effective supply of systems should be strengthened, so as to enable the grass-roots pioneering spirit to burst out and to strive to promote the vivid practice of empowering the province with reform.
Yuan Jiajun made an on-site inspection of the comprehensive land control of Raocheng Village and Hualian Village of Sandun Township and the whole of Shuangpu Township, Xihu District. In addition, he reviewed the construction of Zijingang Science and Technology City and Unicorn Industrial Park and investigated the regulation project of the flood prevention and drainage of Tongjian Lake and the Government Purchase Cloud Network Company.
Chen Tiexiong participated in the survey.

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