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Six Innovative Measures of ZFTZ to Be Promoted Nationwide
2018-05-29 14:21:06

As the journalist learned on 25 May from the Administrative Committee of Zhejiang Free Trade Zone (ZFTZ), recently the State Council had issued the Announcement on Promotion of the Fourth Group of Reform Measures of FTZ to promote to the whole country or specified areas the fourth group of reform measures taken by 11 FTZs, altogether 30 items. Six of them were from ZFTZ, which was 20% of the total measures, and 35.3% of the measures taken by the third group of FTZs which were listed on the same day as ZFTZ.

“Setting up FTZs is a strategic measure taken by the State Council to deepen reform and opening up in the new situation. That the State Council issued a document to promote the reform experience nationwide is the greatest approval to our work, which means we have walked at the forefront of the country with the six measures,” said an official from the ZFTZ Administrative Committee. According the demands of the State Council, altogether 27 reform measures would be promoted to the whole country, while the other 3 would be promoted to specified areas, and the six measures from ZFTZ were to be promoted nationwide.

The six innovative measures include simplifying the entry-exit procedures for ships to fill bonded fuel oil in outer anchorage, facilitated maritime supervision for ships to fill bonded fuel oil in outer anchorage, new mode of credit supervision for enterprises supplying bonded fuel oil, new mode of admittance management for ships supplying bonded fuel oil, inspection and supervision system of imported bonded metallic mineral products, and health declaration system for ships to fill bonded fuel oil in outer anchorage.

“The six measures are mainly adopted in customs clearance concerning bonded fuel oil supply and iron ore trade, and have proved effective in ZFTZ,” said the official.

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