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Our province builds a food safety guarantee system for rural collective meals.
2018-05-28 09:55:34

A delegation from Zhejiang led by Yuan Jiajun made a study tour to Sichuan. In rural areas, if anyone wants to do something happy, they don’t have to come forward and invite their friends. The neighbors will spontaneously rush to the host’s house to help kill chickens and fish. Rural feasts are not only an integral part of traditional food culture, but also a way for friends and family to socialize.


In recent years, along with social development, in addition to regular weddings and funerals, the number and scale of rural feasts such as shavers, full moon wine, and souvenirs have increased year by year, and food safety risks have also increased. Xianju, Haining, Keqiao and other places tried to build a rural banquet center to build a food safety guarantee system for rural collective meals that met the standards of hardware, chefs' access, service standards, and bright kitchens, and eliminated the phenomenon of “dirty”.


This year, the construction of rural feast kitchen was on the very top of the ten livelihoods in this province. The 17 departments of our province jointly issued the “Three-year Action Plan for Enhancing the Quality and Safety of Food and Beverage Industry in Zhejiang Province (2018-2020)”, which clearly stated that in the next three years, Zhejiang will build 4,500 standard rural party banquet centers and plan to build 1500.

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