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Yuan Jiaun stressed the importance of building Lishui National Park during his survey.
2018-05-22 09:21:53

From 16th to 17th May, governor Yuan Jiajun stressed during his survey of the construction of the Great Garden that Lishui with attractive mountainous and beautiful waters is a pastoral landscape, a blessed place for health maintenance, and a place for longevity, so it is necessary to adhere to the guidance of the concept of socialist ecological civilization and to keep in mind the important entrustment of general secretary Xi Jinping, “Lucid waters and verdant mountains are invaluable assets, and this is especially true for Lishui”, so as to fully carry out the action plan for the pilot creation of ecological civilization and the action plan for the construction of the Great Garden and thus to make every effort to build Lishui National Park and make greater contributions to the construction of the “Two High Levels”.
Yuan Jiajun came to Jingning She Nationality Autonomous County and Longquan City successively to inspect She Village in Jingning, Green Road in She Township, Longquan Chengen Celadon Studio, Lanju Modern Agricultural Park, Display Center of the Whole Industry Chain of Edible Fungi, and so on. Along the mountain road, Yuan Jiajun came to Baishanzu National Nature Reserve, Fengyang Mountain to listen to the report on the construction plan for Lishui National Park. He said that Fengyang Mountain boasts the highest peak in the Yangtze River Delta, and it is the source of the Oujiang River, a cool world, a natural oxygen bar, and a biological cradle, that the air, scenery, birdsong, springs and ancient roads here are valuable ecological products, and that we should rely on the unique natural ecological advantages to make Yellow Grass Tip at 1929 meters above sea level into the sign of Lishui National Park.
In the survey, Yuan held a forum to study the establishment of Lishui National Park. He pointed out that building the “ten famous mountains” parks is the decision of the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government. Lishui is the core area of the Great Garden, so it has the responsibility to be the forerunner of the construction of “Poetic and Picturesque Zhejiang". The premise of establishing a national park is to make an overall plan. We should adhere to the conception of the top priority of nature conservation, the necessity of green development, and the core of ecological civilization, to take the first step in a solid way in changing bonsais into landscapes, by referring to the successful experience of national parks at home and abroad, by planning at a high starting point, and excavating “pearls”, creating “pearls”, and string “pearls” into chains.

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