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For the Prosperity of Picturesque She Villages: Yuan Jiajun Investigates in Dongkeng
2018-05-21 09:29:44

According to the planning of the Provincial Party Committee for study, investigation and practice, on 15-16 May, Governor Yuan Jiajun came to investigate at Dongkeng Town, Jingning Autonomous County of the She Minority, one of his contact units. He stressed that Jingning must strictly carry out General Secretary Xi Jinping’s instructions of “Never aspire for something easy and evade difficulties,” and firmly put the “Double Eight Strategy” into practice. Centering on its natural resources, the country must go all out to develop rural economy and solve the difficult problems concerning agriculture and farmers, so as to develop a beautiful county of the She minority, and make it go ahead of all other autonomous counties of minority groups.

Yuan has always attached great importance to the development of a beautiful rural area. Built along hillside, many villages of Dongkeng Town have beautiful natural environment, with green trees surrounding them and neat roads running through. The change of the town is not only reflected in its environment, but also shown on the smiling faces of the local people, Yuan said. This shows that the program of constructing beautiful villages and improving small town environment has not only got rid of the dirty and untidy environment of the towns and villages, but also improved the confidence and pride of the local people, and thus created favorable ecological environment for investment. The next step to go is to set a higher goal to develop garden villages and improve the value of villages.
A former revolutionary base, Dazhangkeng Village has set up the first militia company in Jingning. Yuan Jiajun came here to visit the villagers and Party members that live in poverty and inquire about their life. Under the leadership of the Party, they said, their life is improving day by day. Learning about this, Yuan told the local Party members and officials to bear in mind their original aspirations and missions, carry on the revolutionary heritage of the former revolutionary base, and make the best use of every minute to get to work, so as to keep improving the people’s sense of gain, sense of happiness and sense of security .
Backed up with the beautiful natural environment and special culture of the She minority, Jingning has seen a rapid development of leisure agriculture, including Baihe Village with its salted vegetables economy, Taoyuan Village with its fruit ditches, and Shenyang Village with its stone homestay hotels and succulent plants. On learning that the farmers had greatly improved their income by combining agriculture with tourism and developing characteristic industry, Yuan said that the most precious and characteristic resource of Jingning is the very culture of the She minority, including its architecture, food, clothing, beautiful mountains, rivers and lakes, and folk customs. Jingning must take full advantage of its She minority culture, and go all out to develop its characteristic industries, including the traditional festival of the Third of March, the agritainment tourism, the mountain homestay hotels, the forest economy, the cultural creativity of the She minority, the Jingning 600 Project, and organic farm produce, so as to turn its beautiful natural resources into beautiful economy, and achieve green development.

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