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All for the Defense of a Blue Sky
2018-05-02 11:19:06

A blue sky with white clouds is what every one hopes to see. According to resources from the Provincial Department of Environmental Protection on 27 April, by the end of 2020, the province is to reduce the level of PM2.5 to 35 mcg per cubic meter in all its municipal-level cities, basically eliminate bad smells in key districts, establish fresh air model areas in 60% cities above the county level, and reduce the complaint about air pollution by 30%, so as to further improve people’s satisfaction about the blue sky.


Just scan the QR code, and an online “transparent factory” will appear on your screen, where you can see the whole process of furniture making from the drying and polishing of the raw materials to the decoration of the finished products. Through waste gas treatment, the Dongyang-based Xudong Rosewood Furniture, the first “transparent factory” of its type in the province, has basically controlled the release of VOCs and dust in the process of manufacturing and paint spraying. At present, Dongyang has started an operation on its pillar industry: 1,392 VOCs releasing enterprises have been improved and 276 removed.

The transformation of the rosewood furniture industry in Dongyang is a miniature reflection of air pollution treatment in Zhejiang, as this is the first year of the campaign for a blue sky. Zhejiang Provincial Government has included smog treatment into the Top Ten Things Concerning People’s Livelihood for 4 consecutive years, and achieved the goal of reducing 20% of PM2.5 two years ahead of time, fulfilling its tasks beyond the government requirement. As a result, it has been rated Excellent in the national assessment for 3 years.

With the continual improvement of air quality in Q1 in the whole province, 11 municipal-level cities have reduced their PM2.5 level by 6.1%, and 85.8% of the days are ranked as Excellent and Good, which is about the same on a year-on-year basis. Among them, Jinhua City ranks the first in improvement. In March, Zhoushan, Lishui, Taizhou and Ningbo came out in the Top Ten Cities with the Best Air Quality among 74 key cities in the whole country.

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