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Our province regulates the safe production of small workshops.
2018-05-16 09:23:52

In early 2018, the provincial government included “Strengthening Food Safety Supervision” in the ten aspects of livelihood. On May 14th, the reporter learned from the Provincial Health and Family Planning Commission and the Provincial Food and Drug Administration that our province has recently released the local food safety standard “General Hygiene Practice for Food Workshops” (hereinafter referred to as the standard). In recent years, this province has accumulatively regulated more than 7,100 small workshops, and closed down and merged nearly 8,000, with the result that the qualification rate of food inspections for small workshops has remained at above 90%.
For a long time, small workshops have always been the high-risk areas for food safety hazards and the major difficulties in supervision and management due to their characteristics of being numerous, small, scattered, and chaotic. The standard sets specific requirements for the safe production of food and the supervision of small workshops in this province.
This standard mainly regulates the concerns of ordinary people such as the use of food additives and the location of small workshops. In order to prevent the abuse of food additives, the standard states that “when purchasing food ingredients and food additives, the buyer should check the suppliers’ licenses and product quality certifications. When using food additives, the workshops should weigh them by using measuring tools and have record for measurements, in addition to food additives that need to be used in an appropriate amount in accordance with the requirement for production stipulated in “Food Safety National Standard for Food Additives”.
It is learned that this standard will be formally implemented on November 1, 2018.

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