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Tasks of Air Pollution Prevention Fully Completed in Zhejiang Province
2018-05-15 09:31:36

According to sources from the Provincial Department of Environmental Prevention (PDEP), since the implementation of the Air Pollution Prevention Action Plan in 2013, Zhejiang Province has seen substantial improvement in air quality, and has been rated “Excellence” in the national assessment for air quality for three years. According to the evaluation of the Ministry of Ecological Environment, our province has fully completed the tasks of air pollution prevention.

Last year it was the fifth year for the implementation of the action plan, and also the year of assessment for the first phase. According the monitoring data from the PDEP, in 2017, the average concentration of PM2.5 was 39 mcg/m3 in prefecture-level cities, reduced by 36.1% from 2013, beating the target of 20% reduction. The days of fairly good air quality covered an average of 82.7%, 14.3% more than that in 2013.

“Air pollution prevention involves more than source control, end treatment is also important,” said an official from the PDEP. For 4 years, Zhejiang has taken haze treatment as one of the 10 projects that involve people’s livelihood, and a series of special actions has been taken to fight against air pollution, including adjusting energy structure, optimizing industrial structure, strengthening industrial waste treatment, deepening prevention of auto pollution, consolidating treatment of urban smoke and exhaust gas and preventing pollutions at the ports from the ships.

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