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Water Resource Control 2017: Annual Target Fully Completed
2018-05-11 09:54:31

Recently, the result of the assessment on the strictest water resource management system has been released: the provincial annual target for water resource control was fully completed. All the 11 prefecture-level cities in the province were rated Excellent, of which Shaoxing, Quzhou and Jinhua came as the top three.

As regulated, the Provincial Water Conservancy Department, together with the Provincial Development and Reform Commission, the Provincial Commission of Economy and Information Technology and other department, has organized an assessment team to conduct evaluation on the strictest water resource management system of each provincial-level city in 2017. According to officials from the Provincial Water Conservancy Department, in 2017, the water resource management system of the whole province was further improved, with striking progress in management standardization, which provided strong support for the economic and social development of Zhejiang Province.

According to the assessment result, in 2017, the total volume of water consumed in the whole province was 17.95 billion cubic meters, less than that of last year, with striking improvement in water efficiency and quality. The volume of water used per 10,000 yuan GDP was dropped by 9.6% compared with 2016, the volume of water used per 10,000 yuan industrial added value fell by 14.6%, the productivity coefficient of irrigation water reached 0.592, and 94.1% of the water in the important national water functional area met the quality standards.

As for the problems discovered in assessment, the province has issued opinions on rectification in improving water resource efficiency, water conservancy, and water resource management. Local authorities should continue to practice water resource conservancy and management, to improve the environment of rivers and lakes, to carry out the water-saving operation, and to promote the kind of industrial structure, production mode and life style that is benefit for water conservation.

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