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Zhejiang Kicks off Examination and Regulation on Cooking Oil
2018-04-09 10:37:41

Recently, quite a number of cooking oil enterprises in other provinces have been exposed to have problems with their products such as adulteration and false marking. To guarantee food safety for the public and prevent the inferior oil from entering the households, the provincial Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued an urgent announcement on 2nd April to conduct examination and regulation on the oil products in question in the whole province. 

Cooking oil safety is especially important for Zhejiang Province. As a big consumer of cooking oil, the province wastes no time in calling on related supervision departments to conduct examination on cooking oil products in the processes of production and circulation, covering the wholesale food markets, the farm produce markets, the cooking oil stores, supermarkets and suburban drugstores. The key targets of examination are the rural markets, which are relatively weak in food safety supervision.

“Once products with problems are found, we will urge the sellers to take them off the shelves and stop selling, and see to it that they are called back by the producers,” said an official from the provincial FDA.

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