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Satisfaction Rate Hits New High in Constructing Peaceful Zhejiang
2018-04-08 16:15:56

On 3rd April, the Information Office of the Provincial Government held a press conference to show the fruit of the “Constructing a Peaceful Zhejiang” project: people’s satisfaction rate for safety reaches 96.58%, hitting another new high and making Zhejiang taking the lead for 14 years in the country. 
In 2017, 13 new cities and counties (cities/districts) were added to the list of peaceful cities and counties (cities/districts) which had reached the safety standards for 12 consecutive years. Up to the present, altogether 63 cities and counties (cities/districts) have won the title of peaceful cities/counties, which is 63% of all the cities/counties of the province. Last year, the production accidents and death toll dropped 26.3% and 19.2% respectively in the whole province, the number of registered criminal cases dropped by 26.34%, mass disturbances dropped by 42.53% as compared with last year, and the gap of annual income between the urban and rural residents decreased to 2.05:1.
Behind the data are the great efforts of the province in consolidating the web of risk prevention and control in public security. In view of the risks in some fields and venues, our province adopted the real-name policy in postal services, ticket booking, house renting, bottled gas purchase, bottled petrol purchase, and mobile communication service. In addition, the province also strengthened its efforts in joint law enforcement in food and medicine safety and ecological pollution. According to statistics, in 2017, people’s satisfaction rate in food and medicine and ecological environment reached 93.67% and 94.85% respectively, both showing a striking rise compared with the last year, especially in the rate of food and medicine, which saw a rise of 7.4%.

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