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The Political-Legal Organs of the Province Promote Integrated Law Case System
2018-04-08 16:13:44

According to sources from a meeting on 3rd April to promote the application of an integrated law case system, our province will sum up the pilot experience of the system and promote it to all the political-legal organs of the province step by step in different periods in the following two years.

The integrated law case system is the first pilot project of the digital collaborative program of the provincial political-legal organs, which is mainly to break the information barrier by means of cross-department data exchange, business collaboration and data sharing so as to form an integrated collaborative online system for the political-legal organs.
Since February 2017, our province has issued related opinions and plans of the political-legal digital collaborative program, which mainly consists of a Political-Legal Cloud Platform, 5 basic collaborative platforms and 8 pilot projects. Periodic success has been achieved since the launch of the program.
Based on previous pilot experience, the political-legal organs across the province will further promote the integrated system with more solid measures. Aiming at “putting all the cases online, enabling all the staff to use and improving in all aspects”, the promotion will be done in four phases: pre-promotion, quality improving, all-round promotion, and in-depth application. By integrating information sharing, business collaboration, intelligent assistance, in-depth integration and operation and maintenance in one system, they will handle the cases online more smoothly, effectively, scientifically and safely, so as to drive the quality reform, efficiency reform and motive reform of the political-legal work in the new era.

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