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The Provincial Government Held the First Plenary (Enlarged) Meeting on April 2nd
2018-04-04 09:52:37

  The Provincial Government held its first plenary (enlarged) meeting on the 2nd. Governor Yuan Jiajun emphasized that this year marks the 15th anniversary of the implementation of the "Eighty Eighth Strategies," and it is also the beginning year of the new provincial government. The provincial government system across the province must strengthen the “Four Awareness” and confirm the “Four Self-Confidences”, master and implement Xi Jinping’s ideas of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics in the New Era, earnestly carry out the decisions and arrangements made by the Provincial Party Committee, vigorously promote high-quality development, and speed up the digital transformation of the government, the economy, and the society, so as to make new achievements based on the guideline of the "Eight Eight Strategies".

  Yuan Jiajun stressed that the government system across the province must stay true to the original aspirations and keep in mind the missions, adhere to the political orientations, to the concept of the rule of law, to the initiative of learning, to the practice of the adoption of effective strategies, and to the character of integrity, firmly establish a correct view of political achievements, strengthen planning and enforcement, continuously improve the administrative quality and efficiency as well as the public credibility of the government, make a few significant and influential achievements, and vigorously forge service-oriented governments with great public satisfaction, in accordance with the requirements of Secretary Che Jun of "striving to be a politically sensible person, a leader in reform and development, a rational and responsible person with a down-to-earth spirit, and a person abiding by ethics". We must carry out the activities of “Extensive Learning, Comprehensive Investigation and Conscientious Implementation” to accelerate the construction of an index system, a work system, a policy system, and an evaluation system for high-quality development, and thus to make new achievements in the course of quality development with hard work and accountability.

  This conference was held in the form of a video conference to cover the municipal, county (city, district) governments.

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