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Governor Yuan Jiajun Meets with Delegation from Haixi Prefecture
2018-04-03 10:10:32

On 29th, Governor Yuan Jiajun met with the Party and government delegation from Haixi Prefecture headed by the prefecture deputy Party secretary Meng Hai. Feng Fei was present at the meeting.
Pairing-assistance for Haixi is a glorious political task conferred on Zhejiang by the Party Central Committee, and a political duty of Zhejiang that cannot be evaded, said Yuan Jiajun. The Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government, whether at present or in the past, have always attached great importance to partner assistance. Especially in recently years, Zhejiang has established a smooth communication system with Qinghai and Haixi, and the assistance has been improved consistently with more and more favorable effects. We shall firmly carry out the demands and deployment of the Central Party Committee and the State Council, and keep doing well in the new round partner assistance for Qinghai Province. Taking into consideration the economic and social development of Haixi and the needs of the people, we shall establish precision partnership for precision aid, promote cooperation in industrial development, partnership poverty alleviation, science and technology assistance, and cultural tourism, to turn the resource advantage of Haixi into development advantage. It is hoped that we can further carry out communication and cooperation, for complementary advantages and mutual benefit.

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