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Government Award and Subsidy Regulations for Generic Drugs Released in Zhejiang
2018-04-03 10:07:56

Recently, Zhejiang provincial government has released its regulations on awards and subsidies for generic drugs, stipulating that for the top three pharmaceutical manufacturers that have passed the generic consistency evaluation (GCE), each product will be given a lump sum of 3 million yuan as award and subsidy. The regulations also stipulate the payment procedures, usage and supervision of the money. This is the implementation of the policies stipulated in Opinions on Quickening the Quality and Effect Consistency Evaluation for Generic Drugs and the Pilot Work for Drug Marketing Authorization Holder System, which was released by the Zhejiang Provincial Government in June 2017. 
The consistency evaluation for generic drugs refers to the batch-by-batch quality consistency evaluation for generic drugs that have been approved to enter the market, according to the principle of quality and effect consistency with the original brand-name drugs. In other words, the generic drugs must be consistent with the original brand-name products in quality and effect. “To conduct consistent evaluation for generic drugs already in market is to make up for the past practice,” said an official from Zhejiang Food and Drug Administration.

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