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Our Province Forges an Upgraded “Enterprise Cloud”.
2018-04-28 09:36:58

The reporter learned from the Provincial Economic and Information Commission on the 26th that on the basis of an addition of 129,000 “Cloud” enterprises and a total of 180,000 “Cloud” enterprises last year, this year our province will promote the “High-level Cloud and Deep-level Use” in the enterprises, so as to create an upgraded version of “Enterprise Cloud” in Zhejiang.
At present, Zhejiang takes the development of the digital economy as “Project No. 1”, and comprehensively promotes the digital transformation of the economy. The “Enterprise Cloud” initiative is an effective way to promote the digital transformation of the economy, cultivate new kinetic energy and pull the industries in Zhejiang out of the dilemma of “Low-end Orientation” and “Path Dependence”.
April last year witnessed the start of the initiative of 100000 “Enterprise Cloud”. A large number of enterprises have achieved improvement in quality and efficiency through “Enterprise Cloud”. Zhongce Rubber introduced in its production Alibaba Cloud's "ET Industrial Brain", which enables an increase of 3% to 5% in the average pass rate of the tires produced by means of processing the technological parameters of the rubber used through calculation of artificial intelligence and matching the optimal synthesis scheme. After this initial benefit, Zhongceg is working with Ali on the development of the “Intelligent Visual Recognition System for the Defective Tires”, so as to help improve the quality of tires further.

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