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The First Real Estate Ownership License Featuring the "Separation of Three Rights" Issued in This Province
2018-04-26 09:41:14

On the 24th, Wang Dinglong, a villager of Xiaobaizhang Village in Hepu Township, Xiangshan County, Ningbo City, received a red rural homestead qualification certificate. This certificate is also the first real estate registration certificate for rural homestead featuring the "Separation of Three Rights" in this province.
"After collecting the certificate, I feel at ease and our old homestead is worth more money." Wang Dinglong said smilingly. A few days ago, he had obtained the first rent of 85,000 yuan for his own stone house and land.
The No. 1 document issued by the Central Government in 2018 proposed for the first time the exploration of the separation of the “Three Rights”, namely, the homestead ownership, the qualification right, and the right to use, in order to moderately liberalize the use of homesteads and farmers’ houses. In April, Xiangshan initiated the implementation of the “two-way flow” project of urban and rural resource elements to further promote the flow of resource elements such as capital and human resources to rural areas. At the same time, the “Implementation Opinions on Promoting the ‘Separation of Three Rights’ the Rural Homesteads” has been newly introduced to help rural revitalization.
Xiaobaizhang, a small village on an island, is rich in tourism resources, including old stone houses, acres of citrus groves, and the relic site of Zhang Cangshui Armory Factory. This is why the developers have taken a fancy on it and the villagers have thus become the first beneficiaries of this reform.

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