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Zhejiang Posts Good Economic Start in Q1
2018-04-25 09:46:00

Zhejiang Q1 economic report was posted on 23rd April, which showed a GDP of 1,169.1 billion yuan in the whole province, with a year-to-year growth of 7.4%. The primary industry increased 30.3 billion yuan at a rate of 1.4%, the secondary industry increased 483.7 billion yuan at a rate of 6.9%, and the tertiary industry increased 655.1 billion yuan at a rate of 8.1%. 
The industrial performance was especially eye-catching. Industrial enterprises above designated size saw an increase of 7.6% in added value, higher than the economic growth of the whole province, which provided strong support for fast economic growth.
“7.4% is a relatively fast increase in a short economic fluctuation,” said Wang Meifu, a chief statistician at the Provincial Bureau of Statistics, who listed the statistics in the past years at a press conference on Q1 economic operation: in Q1 2014 it was 7%, in 2016 it was 7.2%, and “this year it was 7.4%, relatively the best performance.” This is closely related with Zhejiang’s focus on high quality, competitiveness and modern development, and its intent on developing digital economy and upgrading traditional industry.

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