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Four Transformations Undergone in the Mining Development in Our Province
2018-04-24 09:25:41

Under the guidance of the concept of “Clean waters and green mountains are assets”, our province has taken the lead in launching the exploration and practice of green mine construction in the country, building a mechanism for the development of green mining that is compatible with the construction of an ecological civilization, and effectively enhancing the exploitation and utilization of mineral resources. At present, the mining development in this province has basically achieved four major transformations, and as a result a total of 468 green mines have been built across the province, with a completion rate of 79%, making “Beautiful Zhejiang” even more attractive and providing the whole country with Zhejiang experience.
The layout of mining development has been continuously optimized, resulting in the increase in the total size of the planned forbidden mining areas for mineral resources, the decrease in the total size of planned mining areas for mineral resources, and the reduction in the total land area occupied by mines. According to statistics, this province has completed 18 cases of clean-up and withdrawal of mining rights in various protected areas, the total size of the banned mining areas has been expanded from 20,000 square kilometers to 45,300 square kilometers, all the mines in the forbidden mining areas have been shut down, the total size of the mining areas has been reduced from nearly 10,000 square kilometers to 4580 square kilometers, more than 75% of which is mainly located  in mining mountains, and the total area of land occupied by mines has decreased from 222.76 square kilometers to 187.1 square kilometers.

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