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Zhejiang to Transform Villages with Weak Collective Economy
2018-04-23 09:31:24

According to sources from the meeting to promote the transformation of villages with weak collective economy on 19th April, this year our province is to rid 1,000 villages of the title of “Villages with Poor Collective Economy” out of the 1867 villages with an annual income of less than 100,000 yuan in collective economy, strengthen the vitality of 5,769 villages with an annual operational income of less than 50,000 yuan, help 85% villages in the whole province to have an annual operational income of more than 50,000 yuan, and increase the total income of all the villages in collective economy by more than 10%, thus laying a solid foundation for the mission of transforming all the villages with weak collective economy in three years.

Reports of the 19th CPC National Congress stressed to strengthen the collective economy. Last year, the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government issued a three-year action plan to transform the villages with weak collective economy, and mobilized the whole province to win this hard battle of poverty relief. By the end of 2017, of the 6,920 villages with weak collective economy, 5,053 had rid of the title of such villages, completing 166% of the annual target and 73% of the three-year target, and the number of villages transformed in the single year equaled to the total number transformed in the past five years. The total income from collective economy in the whole province amounted to 42.35 billion yuan, increasing 10.4% more than 2016, which was the highest in the recent years.

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