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Writing a New Chapter in the Work of the Popularization of Laws in Zhejiang in the New Era
2018-04-20 09:40:30

The reporter learned from the Provincial Legal Education Leading Group Meeting held on April 18th that since the implementation of the “Seventh Five-Year Plan”for the Legal Education in 2016, all departments in our province have focused on the central work and the overall situation, highlighted key issues and innovation, and perfected mechanisms and integrated publicity with governance, thus making new achievements in the work of popularizing the laws. At present and for a period to come, our province will vigorously carry out the activities of respecting and upholding the Constitution, studying the Constitution, obeying the Constitution, safeguarding the Constitution, and applying the Constitution into the publicity activities, so as to promote the law popularization work to a new level in the new era.
Since 2016, the working mechanism of the popularization of the law in our province has been increasingly perfected, and the learning and application of the laws by the key subjects have been increasingly strengthened, and the accuracy and effectiveness of the propaganda and education of the rule of law have been further enhanced. This province has carried out nearly 20,000 publicity campaigns on all types of rule of law propaganda and education. There are 711 legal education bases for young people, 1,117 rule-of-law cultural sites including the Rule of Law Parks and the Rule of Law Plazas, and 27,059 democratic and legal villages (communities), of which 109 are at the national level and 1196 are at provincial level,  15510 e-law service WeChat groups at the village (community)-level cover 25,524 villages (communities), and all the 31,000 villages (communities) in this province have been hiring lawyers and grassroots legal service workers as legal advisers.

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