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Our Province Will Start a Three-Year Action to Promote the High-Level Improvement of Rural Living Environment.
2018-04-16 09:23:39

On April 12th, a meeting for the promotion of the rural living environment and the comprehensive improvement of the environment in the small towns in our province was held in Jiande. The reporter learned from the meeting that this province will launch a three-year action to promote the high-level improvement of the rural living environment and introduce relevant action plans to provide guidelines for the implementation of the strategy of rural rejuvenation and the construction of beautiful and livable villages in this province in the next three years.
Starting from the Project of“One Thousand Demonstration Villages and Rectification of Ten Thousand Villages”, and after undergoing various stages of demonstration and guidance, general promotion, and development and enhancement, the overall rural landscape in Zhejiang has changed significantly, making the beautiful countrysides a striking and distinctive feature of Zhejiang Province and making the joint construction and sharing of "Poetic Zhejiang, Beautiful Homeland" the consensus of the Zhejiang people. This year, the “Three-year Action Plan for Rural Living Environment Improvement”has been issued, referring to “learning from the experience of Zhejiang and other pioneering regions”. For the rural areas in Zhejiang that have already gone "one step ahead", the emphasis on "High-Level Advancement" and "Uplifting" has demonstrated the strength and determination of continuing being at the forefront.

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