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Yuan Jiajun: Deepening the "One-Stop Service" Reform to Advance the Government's Digital Transformation
2018-04-16 09:20:51

On the 12th, governor Yuan Jiajun emphasized at the provincial government’s special meeting that we should comprehensively deepen the reform of “One-Stop Service”, promote the digital transformation of the government, and accelerate the modernization of the government’s governance system and governance capacity, by using Xi Jinping’s socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics as a guide, by holding high the banner of reform, and by shouldering the responsibility of reforms.
Feng Fei attended this meeting. At the meeting, the Provincial Government Office, the Provincial Commission Office for Public Sector Reform, the Provincial Development and Reform Commission, and the Provincial Data Management Center made work reports.
Yuan Jiajun pointed out that the province's “One-Stop Service” reform has been fully appreciated General Secretary Xi Jinping, the Party Central Committee and the State Council, has been well received by all sectors of society, and has become a striking and distinctive feature of our province. At present, the most important step in promoting the “One-Stop Service” reform to develop in depth is to accurately grasp the relationship between deepening the“One-Stop Service”reform and promoting the digital transformation of the government, and accurately grasp the requirements of using the “One-Stop Service” reform to incite reforms in various fields. On this basis, a good job must be done to deepen reform, so as to carry out the “One-Stop Service” reform to the end. We must consolidate the achievements of the reform of breaking the “information isolation” and comprehensively promote “One-Counter Reception for Integrated Services”, so as to deal with all the issues related to people’s livelihood and businesses once and for all by the end of this year. The reform of the examination and approval system for enterprise investment projects will be accelerated, so as to realizing the objective of fully going through the entire process of approval of the corporate investment projects before the start of the projects by means of “One-Stop Service” in at most 100 days before the end of the year. We will promote the integration of mobile government services and strive to achieve "doing jobs on palm".
Yuan Jiajun emphasized that the digital transformation of the government is a profound revolution in government governance, a systematic process from quantitative change to qualitative change, from concept to action, and from system and tool to method, and the highlight of deepening the reform of “One-Stop Service” this year. We must speed up the research and formulation of the overall plan for the government’s digital transformation, set specific goals and tasks, establish a framework system, and establish a promotion mechanism; we must combine top-level design with “crossing the river by feeling the stones”, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of all localities and departments, and further integrate the wisdom and strength of all the sectors of society, so as to create a good atmosphere for deepening the “One-Stop Service” reform and promoting the digital transformation of the government.


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