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229 Partner Assistance Projects by Zhejiang Province in Xijinag Were Started Together.
2018-04-13 10:05:55

On April 10th, 229 partner assistance projects by Zhejiang Province in Akesu region and the first division of the Corps in Alaer were started together. The total investment was 6.572 billion yuan, and 1.738 billion yuan was allocated for aid. The projects started this time focus on six categories including industrial employment, people's livelihood guarantee and education aid.
Based on the strategy of poverty alleviation and rural revitalization, this year, Zhejiang’s aid in Xinjiang will focus on organizing a special action plan to boost accurate “211” poverty alleviation. In other words, the aid projects and funds will be mainly aimed at two national poor counties of Keping and Wushu, and the economically-privileged villages, the famous enterprises, chambers of commerce, social associations, etc. will be mobilized to pair with 100 poverty-stricken villages in the aided areas, so as to help 10,000 people to increase their employment and income through multiple channels, especially to shift the labor force out of the local areas for employment, and thus to assist the aided areas to win the fight against poverty as scheduled. At the same time, the construction of the two parks of “One Belt and One Road” Export Product Processing Park and the Textile Printing and Dyeing Industrial Park were commenced, and the three major projects of “100 Stores in Ten Cities”, “1000 Factories in 100 Villages” and “100 Million Yuan Generated from 10000 Mu” were promoted, in order to fully promote the progress of aiding Xinjiang with new accomplishments and new achievements.

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