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CPC Zhejiang Provincial Committee Studies Development of Zhejiang University; Che Jun Presides
2018-04-11 11:45:30

On Sunday afternoon (8 April), the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee called for a meeting to conduct special studies on the development of Zhejiang University. Chen Jun, secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, presides over the meeting.

As the meeting points out, Zhejiang University is a famous university with a history of 120 years, and a “golden name card” of Zhejiang Province. The CPC General Secretary Xi Jinping has always cared for the development of Zhejiang University. When he was acting as the secretary of the Zhejiang Provincial Committee, he kept a close touch with the university, and demanded that the university aim for the first-class university in the world. In recent years, by studying on and practicing Xi Jinping thoughts on socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, the university has made great achievement in building a first-class university in the world, and made great contributions to the economic and social development of Zhejiang as well as the development of higher education of China. The Provincial Party Committee will always support the development of Zhejiang University, and create more favorable conditions for the university to become a first-rate university in the world.

The meeting stressed that, as the development of socialism with Chinese characteristics enters a new era, Zhejiang province has also embarked on a new journey towards the development of “two high levels”. At the present, Zhejiang’s need for science and culture development has never been so urgent, its need for talents has never been so intense, its decision to make up for the drawback of the province in higher education has never been so firm, and its expectation for Zhejiang University has never been so high. It is hoped that, with its root deep in Zhejiang, the university shall develop with a global outlook and striking Chinese characteristics, and seize opportunities in the new era to strive for a first-class university in the world. Centering on the development targets of the province, the university is hoped to give full play to its knowledge-intensive advantages, take an active participation to the strategic development of the province, and offer valuable suggestions for deepening the comprehensive reform of the province by conducting countermeasure researches. It is hoped that the university shall take advantages of its strong strength in scientific research, step up its constructions of supergravity centrifuge simulating devices, take an active part in constructing the great innovative platforms of Zhijiang Lab and Xihu University, and give a push to the innovative development of the province. It is hoped that it shall take advantages of its alumni to serve as a bridge and bond of opening to the outside, advantages of its excellent talents and wide range of disciplines to attract more excellent talents from home and abroad to the university and provide firm talent support for the development of Zhejiang Province, and comprehensive advantages as a leading university to promote further development of the disciplines and other universities in the province.

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