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1610 Proposals and Motions Made during the Provincial People’s Congress and the Provincial CPPCC Were Delivered for Resolution
2018-04-10 09:51:47

On April 8th, the Office of the Provincial Party Committee , the Office of Provincial People’s Congress Standing Committee, the Provincial Government Office, and the  Office of the Provincial Political Consultative Conference jointly held a meeting to deliver the proposals made by the deputies of 2018 Provincial People’s Congress and the motions made by the Provincial CPPCC to the authorities concerned for resolution in Hangzhou. This meeting summarized and reviewed this work in 2017 and  deployed this work to be done in 2018.

The reporter learned from the meeting that during these two provincial conferences this year, a total of 1,610 proposals and motions were elaborated over, including 913 proposals and 697 motions, 90% of which are to be dealt with by the government system. Since 2017, the provincial departments directly under the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government have unified plans to effectively put the handling work of the NPC deputies' proposals and the CPPCC proposals on the agenda, implement the responsibilities, innovate the handling work, and achieve remarkable results in the promotion of the standardization, institutionalization  and scientific orientation of the work. The authorities and departments in charge of the resolution stated that they must improve their political positing, improve their handling capacity, improve their handling mechanisms, and constantly improve the "satisfaction rate" and "resolution rate" of their handling work, so as to ensure that the motions and proposals assigned to them this year are to be handled successfully and thus to make new efforts in the construction of the“Two High Levels" in our province.

The meeting also gave favorable appraisal of the outstanding resolution of the 30 proposals including the“Proposals on Accelerating the Reform of the“One-Stop Service”of the Administrative Examination and Approval System”sponsored by the Provincial Development and Reform Commission and other authorities,and of 20 outstanding individuals for their efforts in the handling of the proposals made at the Provincial People's Congress and the motions made at the Provincial CPPCC .

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