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Che Jun: Striving to Be the Vanguard in Deepening Reform Comprehensively in the New Era
2018-03-09 09:53:24

  Recently, the meeting held by the Central Group of Deepening Reform reviewed and approved the “Report on the Survey of the Reform in ‘One-Stop Service’ in Zhejiang Province", and promoted it to the whole country. As the starting point of Chinese Revolution and the pilot place of the policy of reform and opening up, how can Zhejiang Province promote high-quality development through reform and strive to be the vanguard in comprehensively deepening reform in this new era? The reporter from Xinhua News Agency recently interviewed Che Jun, secretary of Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee and chairman of the Provincial People's Congress.

  Reporter: Standing at a new historical starting point, how can Zhejiang, under the guidance of the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, take the lead in the reform in the new era?

  Che Jun: We must closely unite around the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core, implement Xi Jinping’s socialism with Chinese characteristics in the entire process of socialist modernization, and reflect this ideology in all aspects of the Party’s construction. And we will forge ahead under the guidance of the “Eight Eight Strategies", so as to struggle to compose a Zhejiang chapter in book of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era by means of working in the down-to-earth spirit, taking the lead and braving the forefront.

  Looking back at the vivid practice of the past 40 years, especially that in the recent years, we have fully realized that the promising development of Zhejiang Province depends on the key role played by reform, and in the future, we must achieve the goal of the“Two High Levels”by relying mainly on reform. Over the past five years, Zhejiang has made rapid progress steadily and comprehensively in deepening its reform, with breakthroughs made in the reform of key areas and key links. All this culminated in that fact that there are many striking achievement made, such as the integration of Ningbo and Zhoushan Ports, the airport integration in the entire province, the collective removal of the title of underdeveloped counties and the establishment of the Hangzhou Internet Court. In addition, many practices and experiences of our province have been promoted to the whole nation, including the reform of the procuratorate system, the river patrol system, the establishment of characteristic towns, and the "City Data Brain" of "Four Checklists and One Net"

  In the new era, we must take new measures in the new course of action of carrying forward the reform and opening up, so as to make new breakthroughs in Zhejiang's development and explore the potential path for the reform across the country. Zhejiang has been vigorously pushed forward the "One-Stop Service" Reform and speed up the construction of the province with "the least items for approval, the highest efficiency, the best administrative environment and the strongest sense of gain on the part of the mass and enterprise", receiving the heartfelt praise from the civilians, the positive appraisal from the enterprises and the full acclaim of the Central Government. On this basis, the reforms in all fields have been being promoted in an all-round manner, providing Zhejiang Province with a good momentum of comprehensive efforts, various breakthroughs and profound development in the drive of reform.

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