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To Create a "High-Standard and High-Quality" Food Safety Demonstration Province
2018-03-30 09:35:16

On March 28th, the reporter learned from the Video and Telephone Conference on Food Safety in Zhejiang Province that the food safety in this province was generally stable for the better in 2017, and the rate of people's satisfaction with food safety increased from 70.32% in 2016 to 76.28% in 2017, ranking A level in the national food safety appraisal. In addition, a list of the first seven counties (cities, districts) was also announced for food safety, namely Shangcheng District of Hangzhou, Lin’an District of Hangzhou, Yinzhou District of Ningbo, Yuyao City of Ningbo, Yongkang City of Jinhua, Qujiang District of Quzhou, and Wenling City of Taizhou.
Food safety comes from conscientious operation. Entering the “Sunshine Kitchen” of the Jiaheng Lanting Hotel in Yongkang, it is seen that the ground was clean and tidy, various types of kitchen supplies were placed in an orderly manner, and various operational procedures could be monitored and opened to the public in real time through the specialized equipment. Such a scene is being staged in the kitchens of more than 200 catering companies and the canteens of schools and enterprises in Yongkang.
Food safety is also a result of strict control. In recent years, Zhejiang has been continuing to make great efforts in wise supervision. In the Agricultural City, the largest wholesale market for agricultural products in Taizhou, the Big Data traces the quality of agricultural products in the whole transaction process, not only penetrating into more than 2,000 merchants in the market but also benefiting more than 6 million residents in the city.

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