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Provincial Government Conducts Special Research on Ten Operations; Yuan Jiajun Chairs the Meeting and Delivers Speech
2018-03-29 09:43:46

On March 27, Governor Yuan Jiajun listened to the special report on the operations to enrich the people and strengthen the province. He stressed that, by sticking to the guidance of Xi Jinping thoughts on socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era and earnestly implementing the resolutions of the Two Sessions, we should focus on high quality, competitiveness, and modernization, and carry out the ten operations to enrich the people and strengthen the province.

At the meeting, leaders of relevant departments reported the drafting of operation plans such as constructing the Greater Bay Area, the Greater Garden, the Greater Channel, and the Greater Metropolis, quickening the nurture and development of new energy enterprises, establishing models of ecological civilization, and quickening the upgrade of traditional industries.

The Greater Bay Area is an important plan in raising the productivity of our province, which aims to construct a national pioneer area in modernization, a global highland for digital and economic innovation, a new engine for regional high-quality development, said Yuan Jiajun. We should pay special attention to industrial layout and speed up the formation of a complete industrial chain. We should lay emphasis on talent aggregation and create agreeable environment for talents to start up their innovative business. We should also highlight digitalization and system innovation to promote digitalized regional governance and city-enterprise integration. With special focus on monumental projects and key timelines, we should create an atmosphere of cooperation by the government, the enterprise and the society to ensure the smooth development of the Greater Bay Area. 

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