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Land-Saving Ecological Burial Promoted in Zhejiang Province
2018-03-27 09:29:06

As the Tomb Sweeping Day is approaching, the Zhejiang Burial Association and Zhejiang Daily have jointly raised an initiative of “land-saving ecological burial” to encourage people to choose an ecological way of burial voluntarily, which has received active response from all walks of life. At the press meeting of Zhejiang Province on issues of the Tomb Sweeping Day held in Hangzhou on March 25, 19 citizens of Hangzhou assigned the agreement of land-saving ecological burial and became foregoers in ecological civilization.
In recent years, our province has been vigorously promoting land-saving ecological burials. By the end of 2013, the province had become the first in China to achieve full coverage of the beneficial burial policies. Meanwhile, it has been encouraging land-saving ecological burials and gradually raising the subsidies. After that, based on the full coverage of the subsidy policy for land-saving ecological burials, our province began to explore the incentive mechanism of “inter vivos subsidies” to replace “posthumous subsidies”. 

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