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Representatives of the National People's Congress from Our Province Made Proposals for Comprehensively Governing the Country According to Law.
2018-03-20 09:20:43

Law is the governing device of a country, and the rule of law is an important basis for the governance system and governance capabilities of the country.

“Building a good environment for the rule of law, enhancing government administrative efficiency, and strengthening the confidence of entrepreneurs are all indispensable for the achievement of high-quality development. The construction of China under the rule of law will make the society more fair and just and the market more open and orderly.” said Zheng Jianjiang, deputy to the National People's Congress and chairman of Aux Group Co., Ltd., when making the proposal to speed up the clearing of departmental rules and regulations that are inconsistent with laws and regulations.

Stressing the construction of the rule of law and actively providing advice and suggestions on improving the construction of the legal system is one of the common points of the representative from Zhejiang. During the interview, the reporter found that they brought in a number of proposals directly related to the construction of the rule of law, covering a wide range of fields associated with governing the country in a comprehensive manner.

The government work report pointed out the necessity of comprehensively promoting administration by constitution and administration by law. “With the economic and social development, many laws and regulations need to be revised and adjusted. How should we avoid the contradiction between the subordinate laws and the superior laws and between the departmental rules and regulations and laws and regulations? In reality, when there are inconsistencies between the newly-enacted laws and regulations and the original laws and regulations, what should be done?” Zheng Jianjiang said that these must be resolved as soon as possible, otherwise it would affect the administration according to law and thus affect the the governance of the country under the rule of law.


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