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Zhejiang to Eliminate Great Hidden Geological Perils
2018-03-19 09:48:25

This year, a three-year campaign to eliminate geological perils will be further promoted in our province, according to the Provincial Land and Resources Department. Up to the present, altogether 1000 spots of geological perils have been eliminated, over 30,000 people have been moved to safety, and 400 projects of peril removal and treatment have been completed, which has basically cleared away all the great geological hazards discovered so far.
From this year on, in prevention of geological perils, we shall change from management of hidden dangers to risk control, from weather risk forecast to elaborated monitoring and warning, and from post-disaster rescue to pre-disaster prevention.
According to the principle of “Move whenever necessary”, the province will continue with the projects of relocation to prevent geological disasters, and will complete 250 important relocation projects. Meanwhile, we shall work out scientific plans for relocation and settlement, and make careful assessment for the geological hazards of the selected locations. In order to settle the relocated people properly, the province will strengthen the construction of model relocation sites, and will construct and name 20 model sites for prevention of geological disasters.
In order to do a good job in disaster control, the province plans to complete 150 important projects of geological disasters control this year. Meanwhile, it also demands to improve the quality supervision and inspection system, and to enforce online monitoring of the controlling projects, so as to improve the quality of the projects.
This year, about 1,000 spots with hidden geological perils will be cleared away in our province. According to the demands of the Provincial Land and Resources Department, the cancellation of the spots with hidden geological perils has to be put under strict management, including the procedures of application, investigation, examination, approval, announcement, and cancellation. Local governments and the departments concerned have to pay special attention to safety supervision of those cancelled spots, to adjust the controlling scope, set up warning signs, raise clear monitoring demands, and do a good job in post-project management and maintenance.
In addition, we must lay a good foundation for disaster prevention at the primary level, and keep on improving the technological content and capacity of disaster prevention. This year, the province will set up 12 high-quality model counties (cities or districts) in geological disaster prevention. We have to further improve the mass prevention system for geological disasters, to enforce professional training for prevention staff members, and to improve the warning devices and supervision capacity by means of mobile Internet. 

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