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One Permit for One Enterprise: First New Permit Issued in Zhejiang
2018-03-19 09:47:28

On 14 March, Ningbo Kangsibo Paper Products Co. received a national permit for industrial products from the staff of the Beilun District Market Administration, Ningbo City. This is the first permit issued after the reform in simplifying the approval procedures for industrial products in Zhejiang Province.

What is unusual about the permit is that it lists all the products the enterprise is qualified to produce. This marks the reform in permit issuance has entered its substantial stage, said an official from the Provincial Bureau of Quality Supervision.

Earlier this year, the National Bureau of Quality Inspection published One Permit for One Enterprise: Implementation of the Reform in Issuance of Permit for Industrial Products, which was put into effect on 15 Jan. Our province is one of the 6 pilot provinces (cities) to carry out the “one permit for one enterprise” policy for 19 classes of industrial products to be approved at the provincial level.

“One permit for one enterprise” is a reform in administrative approval system promoted by quality supervision departments, which changes the existing product-oriented permit system into an enterprise-oriented system, from “multi-permits for one enterprise” into “one permit for one enterprise”. In other words, for a qualified enterprise, one permit may cover all the products within the catalogue of permissible products at the same approval level, and the names of approved products are listed in the duplicate copy of the permit.

In the past, if an enterprise wants to produce different types of products, it has to apply one by one for approval according to the catalogue, which would definitely increase the frequency of approval and prolong the waiting time. The application of “one permit for one enterprise” means the enterprise has to apply only once to get a permit that covers different types of products, which has greatly simplified the approval procedures and saved the time and energy of the enterprises.

“One permit for one enterprise” is a response to the reform plan of the Party Central Committee and the State Council and the demands of “reducing the number of permits” at the Central Economic Meeting. As a new measure to benefit the people, it is an extension of “one-stop service” now promoted in Zhejiang Province, said an official at the Provincial Bureau of Quality Supervision. While promoting the “one permit for one enterprise” reform, quality supervision departments all over the province should strengthen post-supervision over the quality of products and bring more benefit to enterprises and consumers.

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