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Our Province Have Achieves the Global Coverage of the Bay (Beach) Patrol System Across the Whole Province
2018-03-16 09:47:19

On March 14th ,it is learned from the Provincial Department of Maritime and Fisheries that in order to implement the requirements of the 19th National Congress of CPC to “accelerate the prevention and control of water pollution and implement integrated management of watershed environment and coastal waters”, our province has initially established an organizational structure of the“Bay (Beach) Patrol System”featuring the combination of the bay and the beach and the global coverage of the whole province. At the same time, a management and control structure for the coordinated promotion and the systematic implementation of policies has been built, forming a working pattern that suits measures to local conditions and sets typical examples.

Since 2017, our province has fully implemented the “Beach System” in coastal areas. As an extension of the “River Patrol System”to the sea, the “Beach Patrol System” has become an institutional innovation for beach rectification and protection. The commencement of this system signifies the full implementation of the complete ban on prohibited fishing on the beach and on the“Three Nos”fishing boats, of the strengthened supervision of behaviors of discharging pollutants into the sea and clearing of pesticides, of the enhancement of the supervision over the the illegal use of beaches and the illegal repairing, building, and dismantling of ships, and of the strengthening of the shoreline management and remediation.

The source of the pollution of the sea is from the land. At present, the“Beach Patrol System”in our province is moving towards the “2.0” version. Under the guidance of the State Oceanic Administration and as the only provincial-level pilot area of the“Bay Patrol System”, Zhejiang is actively exploring the expansion and promotion from the “Beach Patrol System”supervising the beach to the “Bay(Beach) Patrol System”covering the comprehensive management of the sea. And the“Bay-Beach Integration”is the most striking feature of the pilot work in our province, forming a five-tier structure with the province, the cities, and the counties focusing on the “Bay Patrol System”,and with the townships and the villages mainly concentrating on the “Beach Patrol System”, and thus realizing the goal of full coverage of the management of the sea areas and beaches. This is based on the responsibility system of the Party and government leaders, as an extension of the system of supervision and accountability, as well as a system innovation of cracking down on the mechanism obstacles of the management system and imposing the responsibility for the protection of marine ecological environment.

According to preliminary statistics, up to the end of 2017, the province has identified nearly 2,000 people in charge of the bay(beach) patrol at various levels. At the same time, with the “Bay (Beach) Patrol System”as a guidance, Zhejiang Province is taking a comprehensive step combining the tasks of punishing activities causing the ecological pollution, rectifying and rehabilitating the coastline, and renovating and revitalizing the fisheries.

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