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Zhejiang Delegation Submitted 23 Proposals
2018-03-16 09:45:51

12 o'clock on March 14th was the deadline for the submission of the motions by representatives according to the stipulation of the First Session of the 13th National People's Congress. Representatives of the Zhejiang delegation submitted a total of 23 proposals and 374 recommendations. Up to the press time, the representatives had been submitting proposals.

It is learned that this year the Zhejiang delegation took the lead in terms of the number and quality of the submitted motions and proposals in all the delegations from across the whole country. And all the motions proposed by Zhejiang representatives have been adopted by the Congress’s motion group, and most of the motions requiring the enactment of laws are accompanied by complete draft laws.

All these motions and proposals were put forward on the basis of in-depth researches and special researches, featuring clear subjects and detailed contents. The focus was on such major themes as promoting high-quality development, intensifying reforms, braving the three major challenges, implementing the strategy for rejuvenating rural areas,promoting the reform in “One-Stop Service”, constructing the Grand Bay Area and others. In addition, targeted countermeasures and suggestions have been put forward centering on the actual concerns of the people, including entrepreneurship and employment, income and housing, social security, environmental treatment, education and medical care, food safety and others, so as to provide advice and suggestions for economic and social development and the welfare of people's livelihood.

“The motions and proposals put forward by the representatives of the Zhejiang delegation are of high quality, of wide vision, and of tailored focus, fully embodying the roles and responsibilities of representatives in the new era,” said the head in charge of the Zhejiang delegation's motion group.

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