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Zhejiang Issues Environment Comprehensive Treatment Plan for Small Towns 2018
2018-03-15 10:50:33

On March 13, Zhejiang officially issued the list of small towns to reach the standards of environment comprehensive treatment in 2018. According to source from the leading group office of the plan, this year 560 small towns are included in the treatment plan, and in the past year 465 small towns have reached the standards and passed the assessment.
“The last year was the first year for the comprehensive improvement of small town environment, and this year is a decisive year to crack the hard nut. In the new era, the small town environment treatment campaign will embark on a new journey for new achievements,” said an official from the office. Those included in the treatment plan of 2018 were first selected by the local government, then confirmed by the provincial environment treatment office, and finally included in the treatment plan. Of the small towns, 53 are from Hangzhou, 55 from Ningbo, 39 from Wenzhou, 51 from Huzhou, 29 from Jiaxing, 63 from Shaoxing, 66 from Jinhua, 49 from Quzhou, 16 from Zhoushan, 59 from Taizhou, and 80 from Lishui.
This year, the local authorities must further analyze the roots for the problems in small town environment treatment and adopt strong measures to solve practical problems, said the official. “We must delve deep to find excellent practice, experience and models in environment treatment, so as to improve the quality of small towns in production, daily life and ecological environment. We must take the small town environment treatment as a chief means to revitalize the rural area and balance the urban and rural development.”
Another important task for the small town environment treatment campaign this year is to highlight characteristic development, focusing on the construction of five types of towns: healthy towns, beautiful towns, stylistic towns, lively towns and intelligent towns. We must further enforce the development of long-term mechanism to enlarge the comprehensive bearing capacity and radiation power of small towns, and to push the small towns to the front in the construction of a grand garden-like area.

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